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     When families are struggling financially and need help, they need food, not just once, but as an ongoing thing. Giving them a steady source of help with food, a basic need, will also give them strength to keep trying. Giving them love will do that too. Put both of those things together, and these folks will soon be on top of their world again!


     Our communities are working as a team now to help each other! What a cool thing when you think about it! And just think about the beautiful example we are all setting for our young people; teach them how to love and care and nurture NOW and they will take that into their adult life. It's a chain reaction!

     Our Food Pantry is open to all in surrounding counties as well as Morgan County for low or no income, or any family who is struggling to survive right now. We realize that even if you're working, life happens and there are times that paycheck just doesn't cover everything your family needs!

     We help families from Morgan, Cullman, Madison, Limestone, Marshall, and Lawrence counties. You do not need to bring proof of income or bills. If you tell us you are in need of food, we will help you with food.

Our Food Pantry opens on the second Monday of every month (except major holidays). We open from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m

We also have Hygiene/Laundry Supplies day along with the food pantry. 

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